Easy-Trem Tremolo Arm Steel Metric/USA

Easy-Trem Tremolo Arm Steel Metric/USA

Based around the VML ‘Total Tension System’, the new ‘Easy-Trem’ has been designed as a simple retrofit unit for the re-issued Japanese and USA made Fender Jaguar, Jazzmaster and Bass VI guitars, without damaging the existing tremolo unit, thereby keeping the guitar in its original condition.

The new ‘Easy-Trem’ unit is made from polished stainless steel and is supplied complete with a new tremolo arm, fitted with a bright-silver anodised aluminium De-Luxe knob. The tensioner unit contains an adjustable spring unit, & each tremolo arm is individually matched to the extended bearing shaft. This totally eliminates the loose & rocking tremolo arms normally found on these guitars, and also allows for the side-ways movement’s stiffness to be adjusted, to suit the player’s playing style, by adjusting the fitted spring tensioner.

The new ‘Easy-Trem’ fits without any modification to the guitar’s existing tremolo unit, and the removed parts can be re-fitted at any time.

The ‘Easy-Trem’ is supplied as a self-fit unit, requiring only a cross-head screwdriver and small adjustable spanner and can be fitted in less than 20 minutes.

To fit Japanese and USA Reissue Jaguars, Jazzmasters & Bass VI guitars.