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New Rickenbacker 360
New Rickenbacker 360New Rickenbacker 360New Rickenbacker 360New Rickenbacker 360

New Rickenbacker 360

Year of Manufacture - 2017

Condition - New

Serial Number - 17-08788

Case - Rickenbacker Case

Please email or call us on 01425 478135 for details

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New Rickenbacker 660 in fireglow (wide Neck)
New Rickenbacker 660 in fireglow (wide Neck)New Rickenbacker 660 in fireglow (wide Neck)New Rickenbacker 660 in fireglow (wide Neck)New Rickenbacker 660 in fireglow (wide Neck)

New Rickenbacker 660 in fireglow (wide Neck)

Rickenbacker 660 Solid Body Electric Guitar in Fireglo

Although less popular than it's more famous relatives (such as the 330 and 360), the 660 manages to offer the same electronics sytstem as the 300 series, resulting in that exquisite Rickenbacker sound and style, but in a unique looking package.
Classic Rock & Roll sensibility

This excellent solid-bodied guitar comes complete with a Charactered Maple body and neck, high-gain single-coil pickups, rosewood fretboard with those trademark Triangle inlays, a lacquered Redburst "Fireglo" finish, and a single "Mono" output socket. The Rickenbacker 600 series features a rather unique shape, even for Rickenbacker guitars - this is known as the distinctive "cresting wave" style body, as opposed to the more traditional "Twin Crescent" cutaways.

Exquisite Electronics

The high-output Single Coil pickups are designed along similar lines to the original Toaster pickups, only with a higher output that's more suited to today's musical needs. In addition to each pickup having it's own Volume & Tone controls, there's a Blend control knob.

This knob has several different functions, such as acting as a tone blender between the pickups and as a general Bass & Treble EQ for the guitar. It's primary function though, is to act as a volume equaliser for the bass pickup, boosting the usually quieter pickup to be of a comparatively equal volume to its treble counterpart.

An instrument of this quality is always more of an investment than a spur-of-the-moment purchase, with a price to reflect such a commitment. However, here at oasis we offer a range of finance options (including 0% interest), allowing you to spread the cost over several months with a payment plan that will suit you.

(Including VAT at 20%)